Service Reporting System (SRS)

SRS uses advanced technology to provide unprecedented, real-time reporting. A two-pronged solution, it consists of a pocket PC mobile application and a web-based data storage application.

Originally introduced as part of our Snow Management Program, our proprietary technology is now available with all of our services, ensuring unique levels of service and control.

Pocket PC

• Receives up-to-the-minute updates
• Lists property details
• Shows property-specific services
• Records detailed service data and site photographs
• Transmits service data in real time to web data storage
• Displays work orders to be completed

Web-based Application

• Maintains detailed client, property and service data
• Provides real-time reporting about site services completed and pending transmissions
• Searches by date, property number, service, or address
• Assigns properties and services
• Transmits service detail and billing data to clients
• Provides a secure portal for vendor and client review
• Photo capabilities to verify work completion and proposals
• Provides ability to complete client-specific surveys while on site