Northwest provides the services you want, with the accountability that you need.

We aren’t just another landscaping company.  By engaging Northwest Companies, you contract premium services at a competitive rate.  But more importantly, Northwest Companies offers complete transparency and accountability.  We aren’t your typical fly-by-night management group working from the back of our pickup.

Northwest Companies owns a proprietary SRS system and requires all subcontractors to employ this essential tool.  The SRS system requires that a subcontractor input pictures before their service and also input pictures after their service.  Not when they get home, not when they feel like billing and not when they feel like it.  Subcontractors perform this action on site for every serviced location!  A description of the work performed and the labor rate applied is also included, which improves efficiency and accountability.

Ever receive a bill for a lump sum regarding services that seem unnecessary, duplicative or exorbitant?  Not at Northwest Companies.  By utilizing the SRS system, subcontractors exhibit complete transparency.  You have access to the before and after pictures that illustrate each and every labor performed on your site.  Subcontractors are limited in their billing by previously negotiated rates that are reflected in the SRS system.

Your work is completed on schedule.  Your work is completed to required specifications.  And, your work is completely documented.